Artist Bio:
Muhan Hou, a photographer who is currently living in Tokyo and was studying at the Goldsmiths university of London. 
She loves to be inspired from the journey, for the past several years she kept refining her skills and understanding in documentary 
photography on the road, there are many places she calls ‘home’. 
Under the influence of one of her important inspiration - ‘Wabi Sabi’ (a traditional Japanese aesthetic). Her photography approach to the 
work is very much simplistic yet cinematically inspired.
She enjoys putting herself whole into this creative process of creation , Photography is where her true love and passion lies.
Artist Statement:
Photography for me is a means of self-expression; a metaphor for my own life. I follow no specific themes or types in my work. Instead my goal is to be creatively rich, doing it my way, capturing and reflecting lots of amazing life experiences. Light and shadow are key to what I pursue. Often people cannot see those in an image, but they are defined only by their absence. As an artist who has worked across three continents, I'm so happy to share the essences of my spirit. My hope is to kindle your imagination and spark inspiration.